Best in Quality

Quality Repairs You Can Trust!

Qualified Employees:  Staff - highly trained ethics, longevity, experience and continuing education, certification.  ASE Master Tech (direct to Adam's bio), certified, knowledgable, technicians, years of auto repair experience at your service. ATRA certified, ASE certified

Best Managers - Our managers are all former technicians.  They know what they are talking about.  Sent to two separate training classes on how to best serve you, our customers.

Training - technical training, testing and certifications in all areas of repairs; support staff management and customre service training; invest in modern tools and equipment; technical repair information is on-hand from many industry sources; diagnostic scanners help our technicians repair most vehicle models

Quality Diagnosis:  Road Testing

Quality Facilities, Tools and Resources

Qualtiy Parts:  Our standard transmission rebuild includes replacement of all internal seals, gaskets, friction materials and electornics.  quality new parts.

Thorough Cleaning
Every transmission is completely disassembled, thoroughly cleaned and inspected.  All parts are inspected for contaminants that result in premature wear to gears, bearings, shafts and other precision components.  Transmission cleaning includes washing individual compenents by hand or by steam cleaner.  Parts are carefully inspected and bushing are replaced to insure proper clearancs.

New Parts
Best Western Transmission receives a standard set of new parts.  Best Western Transmission technicians automatically install new friction clutch plates, sprags, bearings, races, bushings, washers, filter or screen assembly, gaskets and seals.  Our standard parts replacement assures smooth consistent performance and long unit life.  Best Western Transmission transmissions are assembled by trained technicians who specialize in automatic transmissions. 

Quality Control:  Our process begins with every vehicle receiving an inspection and diagnosis by a qualified technician, and when possible, receive a test drive.  Our process ends with the vehicle being taken on a test drive by the same technician to confirm repairs and customer concerns.

Before your vehicle is returned to you our technicians and our shop foreman will road test your vehicle to ensure that it is functioning properly and performing correctly.  They make sure your safety is never compromised and you're back on the road where you belong.  All repairs were completed properly and that we havea addressed the customer's reasons you trusted your vehicle to Best Western Transmission in the first place.

When Best Western Transmission works on your transmission, there is no guessing about quality.