Top 10 Things Not to Do to Your Transmission!

If you don't want to see us and have an expensive repair, then don't do these things.


10. Don't drive too far and too fast on a donut spare tire or mis-matched tires.  (Why)

9.  Never check your transmission fluid.  (You might be surprised, but it isn't unusual to need additional transmission fluid or a fluid flush, before the recommended mileage in your owner's manual.)

8.  Don't completely stop before switching gears, especially from Reverse into Drive. (Why)

7.  When stuck in the snow, switch rapidly between drive and reverse. (Why)

6.  When driving in the snow, spin your tires and then catch dry pavement.  (Why)

5.  Drive aggresiviely.  Frequentlly get high revs. at lights and then peel out.  Stopping really fast is good too. (why)

4.  Neutral Drops - when racing, keep your car in neutra, then quickly drop into manual low. (why)

3.  Drive in town while towing a trailer or boat, and forgetting to cancel the overdrive.

2.  Frequent mountain driving.  (Sorry, but normal Colorado driving conditions are tough on your transmission.)

1.  Driving in hot temperatures.  (over 90 degrees)