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You don't need to roll the diagnostic dice and replace parts at random hoping you can find the problem.  This leads to costly unnecessary repairs, wasted time, and unnecessary inconvenience and frustration.  Instead, bring your vehicle to a professional first, and let our experienced technicians perform an External Diagnostic Inspection.

At Best Western Transmission, we can diagnose a majority of vehicles with our External Diagnostic Inspection. (*see additional diagnostics and tests)

External Diagnostic Inspection

The External Diagnostic Inspection is a method of evaulating the performance and condition of your vehicle. A Best Western Technician will complete the following inspections:

  1. 4x4 on liftA Best Western Transmission Technician checks the level and condition of your transmission fluid.
  2. We perform a computer scan of your vehicle checking for transmission codes as well as other codes that could affect your transmission.
  3. We perform a road test to check the operation of your vehicle, looking to verify customer concerns and looking for sounds, handling, and vibrations that would provide indicators of the problem.
  4. We place your vehicle on a lift and inspect your transmission, and the external linkage or controls.

Give your closest Best Western Transmission  a call, or make an appointment and we'll be glad to help get you safely back on the road.

Additional Diagnostics and Tests

Most vehicles can be diagnosed through our External Diagnostic Inspection.  However, there may be some cases when additional diagnostic time may be required.  Typically, this would include pinpointing electrical problems, or conducting specific additional tests.  In these cases, the customer will be notified, and authorization is required, before any additional diagnostic work will be completed.  Usually, 1-2 hours of additional diagnostic time is all that is needed to isolate the cause.