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Automatic Transmission Repair

Bring your vehicle into your closest Best Western Transmission for a no charge External Diagnostic Inspection.  Often, our customers bring in their vehicle suspecting the worst with their automatic transmission.  However, a complete rebuild is not always necessary.  Through our initial diagnostics, our experienced technicians can determine if your vehicle actually has an automatic transmission problem, or if there is something else causing your vehicles symptoms. 

Keep in mind, once you start having transmission problems, they do not go away.  Some transmission problems can be repaired without a full rebuild ot the transmission.  However, if you do not fix the small problems, they will eventually turn into bigger, more costly problems.  Transmissions don't usually fail in your driveway.  It always happens at the worst time, leaving you stranded on the side of the road.

The following are common automatic transmission problems:

  • Slipping
  • Won't go into gear
  • Delays going into gear
  • Makes Noise
  • Losing a lot of transmission fluid


With over 3,000 parts in the average automatic transmission, your automatic transmission is the most complicated component in your vehicle.  You should only trust qualified technicians with the repair of your transmission.  Additionally, it is wise to protect your repair investment by selecting a company that warranties its work.

At Best Western Transmission we believe quality repairs should be done right the first time.  That's why "Doing it Right the First Time," has been our company motto since 1975.

When Best Western Transmission rebuilds your automatic transmission it includes the following:

Thorough Cleaning:  Every automatic transmission is completely disassembled, thoroughly cleaned and meticulously inspected.  All parts are scrutinized for contaminants that could result in premature wear to gears, bearing, bushings, shafts and other precision components.  Transmission cleaning includes washing individual components in our steam power washer, and by hand when necessary. 

New Parts:  Every automatic transmission we rebuild recieves all new seals, gaskets, friction materials, clutch plates, sprags, bearings, bushings, races, washers, and filter or screen assembly.  Unlike some of our competitors, we always replace all electronic solenoids.  Our standard parts replacement assures smooth consistent performance and long unit life.  Our  transmissions are assembled by trained technicians who specialize in automatic transmissions.

Unfortunately, many transmission businesses will not replace all of these parts as part of a standard rebuild.  They take short-cuts hoping the unreplaced parts will not fail before their shorter warranty expires.  This increases the risk your transmission will need another rebuild, wasting your time and your money.

Road Testing:  Before your vehicle is returned to you, our shop foreman will road test your vehicle to ensure it is functioning properly and we have addressed the original complaint you brought it in for.  We make sure your safety is never compromised and you're out of the shop and out where you belong.