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Manual / Hydraulic Clutch Repair

Bring your vehicle into your closest Best Western Transmission for a no charge External Diagnostic Inspection.  Manual transmissions rarely fail, but clutches and hydraulic clutch systems do wear out. 

Often, our customers bring in their vehicle suspecting the worst with their manual transmission.  However, a new clutch, or simple clutch adjustment often fixes the problem.  Through our initial no charge diagnostic, our experienced technicians can determine if your vehicle actually has a manual transmission problem, or if there is something else causing your vehicles symptoms. 

Like automatic transmissions, manual transmissions and clutches don't usually fail in your driveway.  It always happens at the worst time, leaving you stranded on the side of the road.

The following are common manual transmission problems:

  • Clutch lips, chatters or grabs
  • Transmission won't shift in or out of gear
  • Transmission makes grinding noises
  • Clutch release stroke is too long
  • Clutch makes noise
  • Clutch pedal feels hard

You should only trust qualified technicians with the repair of your manual transmission.  Additionally, it is wise to protect your repair investment by selecting a company that warranties its work.

At Best Western Transmission we believe quality repairs should be done right the first time.  That's why "Doing it Right the First Time," has been our company motto since 1975.

Clutch Repair

Our complete clutch repair includes removing your transmission, and inspecting all the internal clutch components to determine the cause of any damage.  We then replace the clutch disc, pressure plates, pilot bearing, and throw-out bearing, using the highest quality parts.  We also inspect the fly-wheel and machine it smooth, or replace it as necessary.

Manual Transmission Repair

When Best Western Transmission rebuilds your manual transmission it includes the following:

Thorough Cleaning:  Every manual transmission is completely disassembled, thoroughly cleaned and meticulously inspected.  All parts are scrutinized for contaminants that could result in premature wear to gears, bearing, bushings, shafts and other precision components.  Transmission cleaning includes washing individual components in our steam power washer, and by hand when necessary. 

New Parts:  Every manual transmission we rebuild recieves all new seals, gaskets, bearings, bushings, races, and synchros.  Our transmissions are assembled by trained technicians who specialize in manual transmissions.

Road Testing:  Before your vehicle is returned to you, our shop foreman will road test your vehicle to ensure it is functioning properly and we have addressed the original complaint you brought it in for.  We make sure your safety is never compromised and you're out of the shop and out where you belong.