customer getting into rental car

Shuttle & Rental Cars



Best Western Transmission offers a complimentary ride to either your home or work and back if needed.

Rental Cars

At Best Western Transmission, we know that not having access to your vehicle can make it difficult to accomplish getting to work, or running errands.  That is why we offer, through our partnership with local car rental companies, complimentary or discounted rates on a rental car while your vehicle is being repaired.

Rental Car

Most major transmission overhauls or repairs will qualify you for a rental.

Discounted Rental

Do you still need a rental car?  Would you still like a rental car even if you don't qualify for the free rental?  When your vehicle is being serviced at Best Western Transmission, we can arrange to get a rental car for you at our discounted rate.  We believe in providing the best service for our customers.