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Towing IconAt Best Western Transmission, we understand that vehicle troubles often mean you may not be able to drive your car to your closest Best Western Transmission.  This is why we offer towing* within the city limits of our shops.  If you need to be towed from outside this limit, we would be happy to credit the local towing rate (maximum of $80) towards the cost of having your vehicle towed to the closest Best Western Transmission.

For the best service, during business hours (7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.) please contact one of our local Best Western Transmission service centers.

After hours, to be eligible for any discounts, please contact our preferred towing partner for your city.  The towing company will leave your keys and towing ticket securely at the nearest Best Western Transmission.  Please call the appropriate Best Western Transmission in the morning to discuss your vehicle's needs.

If you prefer to tow your vehicle in yourself, please check the information here (see applicable FAQ) to make sure you don't do additional damage to your vehicle.  Also, if you will be personally dropping off your vehicle after-hours, please follow the instructions here.

Colorado Springs Area

Knobhill Towing

Fort Collins Area

Schmers Towing


*Towing is available with a major repair defined as a transmission overhaul or repairs in a single transaction.